21 Calories

Twenty-one calories isn’t a lot. It’s the calorie content of two serving packets of sugar. Or 3.6 grams of hamburger. Or three and a half medium-sized stalks of celery. It’s genuinely a small amount of food.

It’s also the amount I missed my calorie goal by, yesterday.

Here’s what happened. The day started off well. I made sure to take the time to make my breakfast and pack my lunch, and I even cooked dinner! Pancakes and sausage, and I came in at a total of 1,841 calories consumed for the day. I was feeling pretty good about myself, too. So, when we had to run out to a local mall to run an errand, I didn’t feel bad about it at all. Not even when we decided to treat ourselves to a giant pretzel apiece. How bad could a pretzel be? Even with cheese dip?

It turns out that a mall pretzel with cheese dip is 480 calories. Which, if you do the math, is 21 more calories than I had left in my budget for the day. Believe you me, I was irritated when I realized that. 21 calories. I missed my daily goal by 21 calories! AAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!

And then I got on with my life. Because really, it’s just 21 calories.


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