What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I’m back! I had a great week off, and I hope everyone else had a wonderful week as well!

Let’s start with the regular check-in, shall we? On my summer vacation, I gained 0.8 pounds. And you know what? I don’t care. I gained it from taking a break from watching and tracking my calories, and it was refreshing and relaxing to not bother to look at all of that for one week. I certainly can’t afford to do it on an ongoing basis, but it’s gratifying to see that – even with everything I ate – my weight gain was pretty much noise.

So, what did I do? Well, to start with, I took my family up to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and walked a good six and a half miles looking at military aircraft from World War One through the present. We were there a good five or six hours, and I still don’t think I saw everything. But I did see a whole lot, and really got reminded of just how big some of those planes really are. And how small, as well. Just from looking into the cockpits, I realized that I would never have made it as a fighter pilot even when I was young and thin. Six foot five inches of height does not fit.

IMG_2225But I could fit in a space suit!

I went swimming! Two days of swimming, to be precise. I’d have done more, but I didn’t fully read the directions on the sunscreen I purchased. It was water resistant, but needed to be reapplied every 80 minutes you’re in the water (which is the part I missed). As a result, I got burnt across my back and shoulders. Worse, my son got burnt pretty much everywhere (which made me feel like a bad, terrible dad). The poor boy’s back looked like a tomato for a couple of days, and he was itchy and uncomfortable, and kind of upset that we wouldn’t let him go swimming more until he healed up.

I knocked out some “special missions” in Ingress! These are hikes, really, sending you around to points of interest in the area. I hiked all over a couple of parks in my town, and visited some fairly cool statues in some local cemetaries, and generally had a grand (if sweaty) time. It didn’t get me out and moving enough to hit my 5.5 mile walking goal every day of my vacation, but I was on vacation. So I didn’t worry about it.

I gave up on the Plank Challenge! Not because I think it’s stupid – I don’t, because I could feel the exercise happening. No, I gave up on it because I am not yet physically capable of completing it. Seriously. Ninety seconds in the plank position was murder on my arms and abdomen, and I didn’t see any way I was going to manage 120 seconds. I guess I’ll have to exercise more and try it again later.

I fit into smaller clothes! Fifty-inch waist shorts, and a 2XLT shirt! We bought some of these new clothes specifically for vacation (it was too hot to wear jeans most of the week), and everything fit well. It was especially interesting because these were the first new t-shirts I’ve bought in forever, and I’d gotten used to the way my old 3XLT shirts sort of hung on me like a sack. The new ones don’t, and they look much better.

So what did I come away from vacation with? I’ve gained a real appreciation for how much my endurance has increased since I started this journey – like I said above, I managed 6.5 miles at the museum and about four of those miles were non-stop walking and looking at things. This time last year, I’d have died long before hitting that mark. I also realized how much I miss writing this blog. I don’t regret having taken last week off, but all through the week I found myself thinking things like “I should write about this” or “hey, that would be a great topic for the blog!”

And now that I’m back, it’s time to get back to work! I’ve got 90 pounds left to make my final goal, and I’m excited to work on it again. Taking time off from my goals was nice, but now I really want to achieve them.


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