Food Day

Wow. That could have gone better. It could also have gone a lot worse. Let me explain.

We had a “food day”, which if you’ve never had one is where everyone in the office brings in food and you have a pot luck. It’s pretty much what it sounds like, right?

Here’s the problem:  the food was right by my desk. I mean right by – I even had to move the table with the food closer to my desk. (We needed an outlet, and the only usable one was near my desk, and we didn’t have an extension cord…)

The down side, as a result, was that I grazed. A lot. Hey, everything was tasty!  But, on the up side, I think I might still come in on budget for my calorie count. I had to make a good-faith estimate, since nothing had a nutrition label, but I believe I made a realistic estimate.

Dinner may be pretty light, though…


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