My son would have gotten a huge kick out of this, which makes it a little sad that it happened at work. Still, as you’ll see, it’s probably just as well he wasn’t with me.

I’ve mentioned before that my office campus has some really nice nature trails. And, since the weather is beautiful and my steroid prescription is working really well, I’m getting out and taking advantage of them. I can sometimes see deer, and the occasional bird that isn’t sure whether to flee or try to get food from me, and some tiny little grass snakes.

This time, I saw a big old black snake. And that’s “black snake” as in “it was black”, not as in “I know how to identify snake species by sight”.  Also, “big” as in “about three feet long”.

(If it helps with the visualization, it happened right about here…)

So I see this thing and, like anyone who likes nature, I whip out my phone to film it so I can show it off later.  I get up above it, filming away, and suddenly it tears and coils and hisses. Which is when I realize “hey, I don’t actually know if this thing is poisonous or not” and decide to back away and keep walking.  I’m out here for myself, after all, and getting bitten (along with maybe a dose of neurotoxin or hemotoxin) isn’t going to promote good health.

Besides, I was the idiot annoying the snake. So, I should be the one to back off.

The best part?  I just checked my phone. It turns out that I didn’t actually hit record until I thought I’d stopped recording. So I annoyed the snake for nothing.

Still, good times. Like I said before:  exercise should be fun.


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