No, I’m Not Actually Disappointed

So I gained four pounds last week.  To tell the truth, I’m not all that surprised.  For a few reasons.  To start with, I was feeling under the weather – this led me to exercise far less than I should, and to eat far more than I should, and it all added up.  But I’ll take “feeling under the weather” as a good reason, in this case.  After all, it hasn’t been all that long since I had my sinus infection, and it also turned into a chase of bronchitis for me.  So, yeah.  “under the weather”.

Also, if you recall, I lost five pounds at my last weigh-in because I had hardly eaten anything for half the week.  This is not a sustainable model for weight loss, and I’m hardly surprised that I regained some of that weight.  I’m still down a pound from where I was before I got sick, though, so I’m not disappointed.

Still, no more excuses.  Just because I’m not feeling 100% doesn’t mean I can’t stay within my calorie budget.  Or that I can’t exercise (I asked the doctor, and she was fine with it as I felt up to it).  So I’ll be walking and continuing to do my exercise program and chasing my five-year-old around as much as possible.


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