Well. That Was Interesting

I’ve got both good news and bad news – I lost five pounds, giving me less than five to go until I hit my 60% mark.

Why is that good news and bad news?  Well, the good news part is obviously the weight loss itself.  The bad news part is that I didn’t manage it through any sort of exercise and calorie counting process.  No, I lost that because of a combination of being sick with no appetite for three days and an unpleasant reaction to the azithromycin.  It did its job well, I think, but it also left me regretting it for a small space of time.

Let’s move on.

I’m probably 90% to 95% recovered now, with just some drainage and a cough to nag me about not being at full health.  Which means that it’s probably time to get back to work.  And by “work” I mean “exercising”.  So, I’ll be aiming to hit my walking goal today (inside – it’s a little chilly outside, and that always makes my sinus-induced cough worse).  And then I’ll be seeing my personal trainer and getting her to explain just what a couple of those exercises I’m meant to be doing are – I’m pretty sure I would have remembered had I not been sick in bed for three days, but they’ve utterly escaped me now.


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