Yo-Yoing Around

I don’t get this weight loss thing at all. I think I’ve mentioned that before, but I’ll say it again. I mean, look at this mess.

Last Sunday, I weighed in at 307.8 pounds, right? Well, yesterday I weighed in at 310.2 – a fact that disappointed me, but I wasn’t surprised. It had been a rough week, and I really didn’t do all that well with hitting my goals. And then, yesterday, I sort of mentally shrugged and decided to go off my calorie budget completely for one day. I think I rationalized it by saying “well, I start with the personal trainer tomorrow so one day won’t hurt…”, but really I just wanted some chocolate. This morning, I got on the scales to see what the damage might be.

308.4 pounds.

I… just don’t get it.

Still, that was yesterday. Today I’m getting back on track. And I’m excited about working with the personal trainer. It’ll do me good to get some new ideas, and to change things up a little – I’m beginning to think that part of my struggle over the past several weeks is sheer boredom.  I mean, yeah, things were weird and tough recently.  But I’ve also been doing the same thing over and over again for a while now, and it’s hard to maintain enthusiasm when you do that.  So, even if the basic idea is the same (do some exercises), I think that just changing the routine will help.


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