I’m Feeling Good!

First off, I have to apologize.  I made a promise to myself, back when I started this blog, that I’d get a post up each week day.  And I dropped the ball on that – I plead busyness, because it’s been a hectic week for me, but I still feel bad about it.

Enough mea culpas, though.  Because I’m in a great mood!  Why?  Well, you wouldn’t think I would be, what with the way I’ve been struggling to get my exercising done and haven’t had a lot of success staying within my calorie budget this week.  Historically, when I’ve had weeks like that, I’ve gotten down on myself.  But, I’m not.  Because I realized something.

I haven’t even been at this for a full year, and I’ve lost 110 pounds.

Think about that.  Eight months I’ve been working on losing weight, and I’ve lost 110 pounds.  When I started, I’m pretty sure I thought that about 55 pounds in a year (an average rate of a pound a week) was reasonable.  I thought that I’d be around 350 or so by July of this year.  Instead, it’s May and I’m at 307.  Even with the rough patch I’ve had the past couple of months, I’ve made incredible progress.  Much more than I ever dreamed I’d manage.

So I’m in a good mood.  Not a “rest on my laurels and celebrate with a two pound bag of M&Ms” mood, but a good mood.  And I’ve got a plan for getting back on track.  Starting Monday, I’ll be working weekly with a personal trainer.  And we’ll be starting regular family walks in the evening, since the weather is getting nice.  And I’m thinking I may dust off one of the DVDs in our condo, and try my hand at yoga.  Oh, and our pool will be opening within a month.

So, yeah.  I refuse to be down on myself.  Not when I’ve accomplished so much, and there’s so much more that I’m about to do.


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