A Few Random Observations

It turns out that hitting my walking goal on my trainer big schedule was not particularly difficult after all. Training gets small but frequent breaks and an hour-long lunch, so there was plenty of time to get everything in. 

That hour-long lunch nearly broke my calorie goals, though. I went out to lunch, and found myself saying the worst possible thing:  “How bad could this be?”

If you’re counting calories and you find yourself saying that before you look the Mel up, you are doing it wrong.  Because my lunch came out to about 1100 calories. I was rather startled when I worked that out, to put it mildly. (I still managed to come in on target, but it was touch and go.)

As a little bit of good news, though, I happened to notice last night that I’ve gone down another notch on my belt. When I first started it, I buckled it on the second hole. Than the third, and now the fourth!  Yay me!


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