Early Morning Encounters

I’m not one of nature’s early risers. Left to my own devices, I’d probably go to bed around 2 am and sleep to 10 or 11. But, since I have a family I’d like to see and a job that requires me to arrive at 5 am, I’m trying to learn to I’ve with it.

I’ve learned that getting up hours before the crack of dawn has its perks, though. I have the afternoons for appointments without having to take time off. And I’ve got my pick of parking spots, even if I choose to park inconveniently. And it isn’t crazy hit in the morning, and sometimes I have interesting encounters. Like this guy:  

Yep, along with the deer we have an official work raccoon. I ran into him, and we stared at each other for a good couple of minutes through the glass before I headed down the stairs. It was a fun little encounter that started the morning off right.

I am glad about that glass, though.


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