So Many Peas

You have no idea. Seriously.

Well, all right, I’m exaggerating a lot.  But I made dinners last night, and my son asked if we could have peas. That surprised me, but of course I said “yes”. And since I’m trying to a) set an example and b) eat more vegetables anyway, I made sure to give myself a full serving.

A full serving of peas is 2/3s of a cup of peas, and 70 calories. Again, that is a lot of peas (if not a lot of calories). I had no idea, and I didn’t think I’d like them. But my son was watching, and I wasn’t going to set an example.

It turns out that frozen peas, kind of steamed by putting them in a little water and then microwaved until hot, are better than I expected.  And my son ate all of his and asked for more, so I’m quite proud of him for that.

Oh, and I’m quite proud of myself. I ate peas. Voluntarily.


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