The Key To Health

It turns out that 230 calories of fruits and vegetables isn’t all that much. I ate one red delicious apple (90 calories), a large orange (90 more calories) and a largish side salad (which turned out to be 80 calories), for a total of 260. I wrapped up the day thinking “hey, maybe I should step up the goal.” I don’t think I will, not yet anyway. The purpose here is to set up a habit. And clearly, after one day, I don’t have a strong habit of eating my fruits and vegetables yet.

Also, about halfway through the salad, I started thinking. And what I thought was “well, that’s 230 calories. I can stop now, right?” Which, as you might imagine, totally goes against the intent of the goal. 230 calories is a minimum threshold, not a deadline. So, clearly, I’ve got a long way to go with this.

On the up side, I hit my walking goal yesterday. It’s significantly easier to do that, when you get enough sleep. Also, it helps if you have a bunch of household chores that [i]have[/i] to be done, because you walk around a lot when you’re picking up and putting away and getting ready to wash dishes. I got about a third of a mile in just walking back and forth putting stuff away.

In other words, the key to health is plenty of vegetables and being sloppy enough to have to spend time picking up at night. I’m sure my wife will love that.



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