Mixed Emotions

On the down side, I had no actual change in my weight for last week. There’s reasons for this, and I accept that, but it rankles me still. I rather like seeing my weight decrease each week. Ah, well. It’s a process and a lifestyle change, not a race.

I still wanted to have lost a couple of pounds, though.

On the up side, I’m wearing my new belt. The small belt – a 48 inch waist belt. And I’m wearing it on the second hole. I hadn’t originally planned to swap out until the old belt got a little loose, but events forced my hand. The buckle just… shattered. Seriously, it came apart while I was buckling it, leaving me with three belt buckle fragments. As you might imagine, this is somewhat less than useful. So I put on the new belt, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it fit comfortably. It almost made up for not having lost any weight last week.


Anyway, everything should be fine and ready to go this week. No surgeries, no family emergencies, nothing like that. So I anticipate better results.


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