Look Before You Eat

I didn’t stay within my calorie budget yesterday. Spectacularly so.

All right, that’s maybe a little dramatic – I only went over by 550 calories (although it’s interesting to see how my mental definition of over has changed), after all. But what caught me off guard was how it happened.

See, we went out for dinner last night and had barbecue.  That put me right on the edge for my calorie count. At that point, my wife decided to order some peach cobbler.  I have a huge weaned for cobbler, and so I decided to help her eat it.  After all, I thought, how bad could it be?

You may start laughing, now.

The whole serving was 1,050 calories. Yes, that’s right, if I’d eaten it all myself, it would have constituted nearly half my calorie budget. And while I enjoyed it, I don’t know that I enjoyed it that much.

So, yeah. New rule. Look up calorie content before eating.

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