Crash and Burn

I was full of excitement yesterday. coming off a high from seeing my latest weight loss success, I had great plans to get all of my exercise goals in and maybe even push hard and pass my team in my contest. And then I fell asleep at 7 pm.

See, for various reasons – mostly the consumption of lot of caffeine late in the evening – I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night. Specifically, I got right about four hours. So, as you might imagine, I was extremely tired yesterday. Particularly by the time I got home from work. So all of those grand ambitions to get a lot done sort of collapsed into a general air of nodding off. No exercise cards were done, my walking goals weren’t met, and I didn’t even manage to play my guitar.

Do I feel bad about this?

Well, sort of. I really wanted to hit all of my goals. On the other hand, I really needed sleep. So, other than a little frustration about not meeting my goals, the answer is “no”. I don’t feel bad about it. But it is reminding me that, as part of a general desire to improve my health, sleep is vitally important.


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