Back on Track!

After a couple of weeks of treading water, I’m back on track! It’s amazing the sort of progress you can see when you do things like actually meet your calorie and exercise goals. Although, in my case, the exercise goals were rather more important – I went over my calorie budget by 200 – 400 calories on Thursday thorugh Saturday, but I also burned between 3,500 and 4,000 calories each day last week. Which is not to be construed as an endorsement of missing my calorie goal. It’s just a statement that sometimes, if you work hard enough on one area you can make up for failure or weakness in another.

My work group is now setting up a work week challenge – the most steps from Monday through Friday wins. I think I’m looking at some stiff competition as a result. One of my reps has already told me that he’s bought a brand new pair of running shoes just for the competition, and another gets up in the morning to go run a couple of miles. So, I may not be winning. But it sure won’t be from lack of effort. And besides, if we’re getting out and exercising, aren’t we all winners?

…yeah, no. I’m too competitive to believe that. I want to win!


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