Wandering Around

So the results are in from the little group challenge I started yesterday, and I lost. And by “I lost”, I mean “I didn’t win” – I came in 4th, with “only” 119% of my step goal. Not that I actually feel bad about that, mind. I mean, I did hit 12,526 steps (6.31 miles), so I feel like I did pretty well. Also, I’m the only one that has a step goal higher than 10,000 (not that it would have mattered too much – the winner hit over 200% of his 10,000 step goal).

So we’re doing another one today, only it’s for total steps and not percentage of goal. Because it’s fun. And because I hate losing. But mostly because it’s fun.

Speaking of fun, I found an app that’s been a great time. It’s called Ingress, and it’s an augmented reality game that requires you to get out and physically move around to play. It’s actually why I hit 6.31 miles yesterday – I was out hunting for portals, and the closest one to my condo is nearly a kilometer away. So me and my dog hiked over and checked things out. If you like walking or running or bicycling, and if you also like science fiction, I recommend it. I’ll probably do a full review later on, once I’ve played with it some more.

Over six miles, though. Wow. It turns out that’s not a record for me – my record currently stands at 6.64 miles, apparently – but I still feel pretty good about it. Especially since I was at 4.7 miles when I started out on that last walk yesterday, and I didn’t feel a need to sit and rest at any point. More importantly, I had a good time (and not just because of the game). The area I walked in is an area I’ve walked in a lot, but I wandered around more and saw everything from a few different perspectives. Things look different when you see them from on foot instead of from inside a car, and things look different again when you get off your normal foot path and go a different direction. It made my familiar neck of the woods look new again.


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