*Inarticulate Noises of Frustration and Fury*

I probably shouldn’t be surprised, given how I completely ignored my goals last week, but I gained weight.  As a result, I am not a happy individual right now.

What happened?  Well, a combination of things.  First off, to be honest, I wasn’t feeling really well last Saturday and Sunday and I didn’t eat much as a result.  That probably helped skew my results – I had myself down as losing 4.2 pounds in one week, which is a lot.  But I have to be honest here, that’s only part of the reason.  The rest is that I found excuses last week to overeat and underexercise.  That caught up with me, and I lost out on two weeks of work as a result – one week where I actually met my goals, and the second where I didn’t try.

So, no.  I don’t believe I’m “plateauing”.  I believe I got slack, and backslid as a result.

Well, it’s not happening again.  This week, I’m hitting my calorie and my exercise goals.  No excuses.  I’ve made a whole lot of progress, and I feel good about what I’ve done, and I’m not sliding backwards any further than I already have.


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