So… Yeah

This week started out so well, and then went into a bit of a tailspin.

Two days running, now, I haven’t hit my calorie or walking goals. I’ve got reasons – I alluded to them yesterday – but it’s still frustrating. Particularly the calorie goal, which was entirely within my control. I just sort of had a moment yesterday, and decided “heck with it, I’m eating a lot”. I think the chocolate and carb loving portion of my brain staged a palace coup, because I distinctly remember deciding that I was going to do this. I’m not entirely sure why, either. Honestly, it feels like I decided to take an involuntary two-day mini vacation from those goals.

I think I’ve got it out of my system, now. I’m getting excited about walking again, and I’m no longer excited about overeating, so things should be good. Maybe I should just build a once a month “cheat day” into my routine, where I have to track my calories but I don’t have to meet my goal. Have a structured way to blow off steam, rather than allow another brain coup like the one I had for the past two days.

Hmmm… now that I’ve typed that, I think it might work. I’ll have to consider it more, though, before I implement it.


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