Yesterday didn’t work out the way I anticipated [i]at all[/i]. As a result, I didn’t hit any of my goals – not my exercise, not my walking, not even my calorie count. But you know what? I’m all right with that.

I had some car trouble, so my first break was spent calling the garage instead of walking. Then lunch was spent feeling light-headed because I hadn’t eaten a whole lot for breakfast (it really is the most important meal of the day), so I sat and let the food boost my blood sugar back up. I did get some walking in on my last break, but I was already a mile and a half behind goal.

Fortunatly, my car trouble was easily fixed – so easily fixed, in fact, that my garage didn’t even charge me for it. Unfortuantly, it meant that I was delayed in getting my son to his doctor’s appointment. Which led to eating out of the drive-through, and going significantly over my calorie budget because I was tired and hungry and not paying attention. That is a bad state to be in when making dietary decisions, let me tell you.

But, as I said before, I’m all right with what happened. Why? Well, because life happens and sometimes you have deal with things. I still got 3.5 miles in, even with everything that went wrong. And I still burned more calories (according to my FitBit) than I ate. Walking and hitting my calorie budget are important, yes. But so’s my ability to make it to work every day. And so’s my son. And so’s my wife. And if I can’t hit all of my goals one day because all of those things need attention, I’ll pick my family first. They’re the reasons I’m doing all of this, after all.

No excuses today, though. Time to get back to work!


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