Walking: It Does A Body Good

I very nearly didn’t make my walking goal yesterday. Work got really, really busy for me, and i wasn’t able to get in the two and a half miles I typically manage on my breaks. So, by the time we got my son to bed last night I was sitting at a total of 3.5 miles walked for the day. Which doesn’t sound too bad, right? And it’s not, excpet for the fact that I’m usually at four and a half miles by that time of night.

So, yeah. Add that to the fact that I was tired – 6:45 pm isn’t that far from bedtime, with my current schedule – and I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to make goal. Sitting on the couch sounded like a whole lot more fun at that moment. But then, my wife just happened to say “you should get your shoes on, if you’re going to go walking”. And I did. Not because she told me to do it, but because that simple statement reminded me that I should go. So I got out and did some exploring. I got off the normal path I follow, and went and saw a few things I don’t normally walk past.

It [i]was[/i] fun. Equally important, it reminded me that I enjoy walking. I stopped thinking about how much distance I needed to cover, and had fun, and the next thing I knew I was a half mile from my house and my FitBit was informing me that I’d hit goal for the day. Interestingly enough, by the time I got home my mood was completely different. I’d been kind of crabby and tired when I left, and I was happy and energized when I returned.

Oh, and I also realized that I’d walked two miles without stopping to rest. That was nice.


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