Monday Miscellaney

I think I’m going to go ahead and officially change my weigh-in day from Saturday to Sunday. Why? Well, on Saturday I weighed in at 318.2 lbs – down a respectable 1.6 lbs. Not dramatic, but good. Sunday, out of curiousity, I got on the scales again and saw 315.6 lbs. A 4.2 pound drop from the previous week.

No, I can’t explain it. But I’ll cheerfully take it.

I managed to hit my walking goal on Friday, by doing something counter-intuitive – I took my son for ice cream. I’d taken the day off from work for a doctor’s appointment, and so I picked him up from daycare at 11:30 am. We didn’t do much for most of the day, just hung out and played Lego Star Wars and watched movies. As a result, I didn’t get much walking in. But after dinner, I started in wanting to hit my goal. My wife wasn’t home, so I bribed my son to go walking with me – we’d go get ice cream at McDonalds, but only if we walked there.

There was ice cream in it for him, and the chance to get outside and go run around, so he jumped at it.

It turns out that the closest McDonalds is just a little over a mile away. So we walked, and talked, and enjoyed the weather. On the way home, we also cut through a local high school. This ended up taking us on a side trip through the athletic fields, exploring the softball field and finding tennis balls on one of the tennis courts. That last, incidentally, required a delay of some twenty minutes as we played catch on the courts. All told, the walk back was nearly three quarters of a mile longer than the walk to McDonalds – even though we took a “short cut”.

I think I’ll be doing all of my walking indoors today. It’s Spring, so the local weather is celebrating by being 32 degrees (Fahrenheit), with a promised high of about 50 degrees. Yay Spring, right? And it’ll be in the 60s tomorrow, so go figure. But… 32 degrees is not good walking temperatures. So I’ll be hiking the building again. Kind of sad, really, after being able to be outside all of last week.

Also, I got reminded of something yesterday: it is incredibly easy to come in under my calorie budget when I make and eat all of my own meals. Even eating a beef casserole that was essentially a variation of beef tips in gravy over rice, and then having a slice of that berry bread for dessert, and also eating a cracked boiled egg (my son colored eggs yesterday), I came in at just about 2,000 calories. And everything tasted good (although my son wasn’t sure about mushrooms and rice), so that was a win as well.

Overall, I think this will be a great week.


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