Sore Legs And Frustration

Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. I gained weight last week. Not much, only 0.8 lbs. But still, it’s frustrating. I can only assume that I wasn’t as good at monitoring my calories as I thought. Either that, or the 319.0 lbs I weighed in at last week was a fluke, and the 323 lbs was more accurate. Either way, I was seriously bummed out on Saturday – moping and cranky about the subject. My wife tried to cheer me up about it, and I was a bit of a crank at her about it too.

So, yeah. Disappointment makes me a bit of a jerk. I really need to work on that.

On the up side, things went fairly well at the AHA Heart Mini on Sunday. Even though I didn’t finish the 3 mile/5 mile walk, I walked four miles. Which may lead you to wonder how I didn’t finish a three mile walk if I walked four miles. Well, I blame Donald Trump. See, he was having a rally in my region on Sunday. As a result, I anticipated that parking would be hellish in downtown Cincinnati. So I parked across the river and walked to Fountain Square, which was where the walk started. So, I walked a little over a mile just to get to the walk. And about a mile in, I was feeling sore.

And wet. Because it was raining. Not hard, mind you, but steadily. So I was feeling sore and drenched, and decided to pack it in. Mostly because I still had to walk almost two miles to get back to my car from where I was at that point. So I didn’t finish the walk. But by the time I got back to my car I’d walked 3.95 miles in one hour and forty-four minutes – counting the two five minute rest stops I took on the walk back. So, I feel pretty good about that.

Also, I determined on Saturday that I can now wear a 50 inch waist. Which means that whether I had a 0.8 pound weight gain or not, I have still lost [i]ten inches[/i] off my waist! I’d call that cause for celebration!

This week, the plan is to get back on track. Hit my calorie goals all week, hit my walking goals all week, and hit my exercise goals all week. I refuse to fail, simply because I had one bad week.


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