Happy Little Surprises

This week is just getting better and better. I hit my halfway mark, I’ve had beautiful weather, and now this. Some twenty minutes after I got dressed this morning, I realized that my belt was on its last hole. So that’s my third belt now that I’ve gotten to that point, and each has been smaller than the one before. Even now, I keep running my fingers over the leather and checking to make sure – but it’s true. I’m on the last hole.

Little victories. They’re great.

Please don’t think I’m being dismissive with that statement. They really are great. Oh, sure, it’s wonderful to have a big win. I’d certainly have been excited if, for example, I’d woken up today at 219 pounds. Confused, but excited. That would have been a huge win. But the huge wins don’t come along as frequently. More commonly, you get the little wins. The small signs of progress that aggregate over time and show you how far you’ve come. They should be embraced. They should be celebrated. Because, over time, they’re far greater proof of your commitment and success.

The last hole, though. Wow.


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