Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day

Yesterday, I got to do something I haven’t done in… well, months. When I left work, it was in the mid-60s and sunny, with a breeze blowing. So when I got home, instead of going straight to my son’s preschool and picking him up, I parked the car and walked to go get him. It’s only a quarter mile to the school, after all. So it’s not a hard walk at all.

Incidentally, I still remember just how hard a walk that was, back when I first did it. It’s nice to see progress.

When I got to the preschool, my son was all happy smiles to see me. But, when I told him that we were walking home, that happy smile turned into an excited grin. He practically danced around his room, and hurried to tell all of his teachers that he was walking home, and then we explored the neighborhood as we walked back. And I felt great! Not just from the exercise – although that felt good – but from watching my son’s enthusiasm as we walked and explored and talked about his day. And then we went to a park for a picnic dinner. Which led to me climbing up playground equipment with him, and going down slides, and playing tag in between having a wonderful talk with my wife about our plans for our family.

My Mastermind group asked me last night, when it was my turn to talk about my goals and my progress, how I visualize what it will be like when I’ve lost all my weight. I told them that I don’t actually have a mental image of what that looks like, because I don’t have any clear memories of what I looked like back when I weighed in the vicinity of 219 pounds. But, to tell you the truth? That’s not what I’m actually visualizing when I think about reaching my goal. What I’m thinking about is just the kind of thing I did yesterday. I’m thinking about walking and playing with my son, and spending time with my wife. I’m thinking about having the energy to chase him around playing tag, and then still having enough wind to be able to talk to my wife while we enjoy watching our son explore and enjoy life.

I feel great, and I’m only halfway to my goal. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like once I’ve gone all the way. But I’m sure looking forward to finding out.


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