Eating Well: Very Lazy Berry Bread

I decided to celebrate hitting my halfway mark yesterday by making dessert.  Specifically, I made a berry-laced bread from a recipe on a cooking web site I follow:  Cooking Comically.  It’s not at all optimized for weight loss, but the calories turned out not to be too bad at all.  So first, go have a look at the recipe:

605titlesraspberryIf you’re like me, it took you a while to come back from that.  All of those recipes are amazingly fun.  But let’s do some math.  Drawing on the USDA and the FDA, we get the following calorie costs:

In total, if you make it exactly as described, the entire loaf comes out to 2663 calories.  That sounds like a lot, right?  But the mix comes out to about 21 ounces (based on my rough estimates from one slice), so that’s only 126 calories per ounce – which sounds steep, but it’s only about 50% more per ounce than the 100% whole wheat bread I normally eat as a sandwich.

In my opinion, a serving size is about 3 ounces – 378 calories.  Budget accordingly, but it’s well worth it.


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