Half of Half of Me!

I’m… speechless, right now.  I mean, this hasn’t even fully sunk in yet.

If you recall, I had to go and get a new scale on Saturday.  When I stepped on that scale, it read 323.4 lbs, which had me down as having gained weight.  That fact really didn’t demoralize me, because it was a new scale.  I was ready to chalk that apparent gain up to a difference in the new scale, and move on with life.  But then, out of curiosity, I stepped on it this morning.

It read 319.0 pounds.  Twice, because I didn’t actually believe what I read the first time.  But it said it again:  319.0 pounds.

yay turtle

I… I don’t know if that image quite does my emotions justice right now.  I’ve lost one hundred pounds.  I don’t even know that I’m processing that yet.  One hundred pounds, in 236 days.  It just doesn’t seem… real, you know?  Back in July, when I started doing this, losing even twenty pounds felt like an impossible goal.  A hundred pounds seemed… unreal.  And the two hundred pounds I needed to lose?  Utterly ridiculous.

And yet, I’m halfway there.  One hundred pounds down, and one hundred left to go.  If I can keep this pace up, I could be done by Thanksgiving.  Well, done with the weight loss aspect of this journey at least.  Because this is never actually going to be done – once I’ve hit my final goal, then the next step will be to stay there.  Because I have no desire to have to do this all over again.

Still, one hundred pounds!


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