Snow? Really?

The day I was diagnosed with my sinus infection, it was light jacket weather. The day after that, which was the day I also stayed home to rest up, the weather was beautiful. So, naturally, it’s 35 degrees and snowing yesterday and today. Go figure.

I don’t know that I would have managed to hit my walking goal yesterday regardless, though. I managed five miles, before my body reminded me that I’m still sick and that it wasn’t in a mood to go walking any more. I hit the sack about 8 pm, and learned that sleeping with a BPAP machine and head congestion is a miserable combination. You wake up with a stuffy head and a mouth that is dry and dusty feeling – even with the built-in humidifier working. Why? Because you can’t breathe through your nose, so the machine is blowing air into your open mouth all night.

Still, I am feeling better than I did Tuesday. Still tired (which is not typical for me, despite my 5 am start time), but the antibiotics are doing their job.

On an unrelated issue – except for the fact that it revolves around my health – I’m feeling pretty good about my odds of hitting my halfway mark tomorrow. There’s only one day this week where I didn’t hit my calorie goal, and the Fitbit is telling me that I’ve burned more (in some cases significantly more) calories than I’ve consumed. So things are looking good.


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