I’m glad it’s almost the weekend. I’m tired of walking.

Don’t get me wrong. I love it, and I’m glad to be back to walking. It’s a nice bout of physical activity puncutating my work day, and I feel better for doing it. But taking two weeks off let me backslide just enough that my legs ache. Just a little bit. I’m sure things will get back to normal in the next week or so, though. So maybe it would be more accurate to say I’m tired from walking?

Despite feeling tired, though, all the walking has left me feeling more confident about my weigh-in tomorrow. FitBit says I’ve upped the calories I’ve burned by nearly 50% since I’ve resumed exercise, and I’ve managed to be on-target for my calorie budget all week, so I should be seeing some weight loss tomorrow. Losing the final four pounds to hit my halfway mark may be a little much to ask, but I’m feeling pretty good about my prospects of hitting it by next week.

Oh, a little word of warning about that egg salad recipe I posted. If you make it, be sure to rinse out any containers you store it in once you finish with it. That stuff sets up like cement, if you let it dry out, and you’ll have to let it soak for a while to get the container clean. That is no fun.

Finally, the weather forecast is for beautiful Spring-like weather for the weekend (52 degrees on Saturday and 64 on Sunday, as compared to today’s projected high of 37 degrees…). So, even though I don’t have any official weekend walking goals, I may very well be getting some walking in tomorrow. Because it would be a shame to waste that kind of day.


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