Yet Another Friday Potpourri

No coherent theme today. Just a collection of random thoughts about my progress:

  • I made a French bread pizza for dinner last night. It’s quite a bit like the baguette pizza I talked about in December, only French bread is bigger. As a result, it came in at about 950 calories instead of 617. Naturally, I waited until after dinner to calculate that, which put me over my calorie budget by 100. Sigh. Tasted good, though.
  • I’m feeling skeptical about having any weight loss when I weigh in tomorrow. Even though my FitBit app is showing that I’ve burned significantly more calories than I’ve eaten, despite not walking as much this week. I guess I’m just naturally pessimistic about these things.
  • I’ve got one hole left on my belt! That’s a good sign! And it’s the 50/52 waist belt! And my new jeans are getting loose! Not “clown pants loose” yet, but loose. Yay!
  • Did you get whiplash from the wild change in tone and attitude between those last two points?  I sure did.
  • My wife said I was a little “ranty” yesterday, and asked why. Here’s what set me off: I looked at Facebook, and saw something like twelve “recommended posts” trying to sell me no the virtues of ridiculous products “guaranteed” to help me lose weight. Green tea capsules and colon cleanses and the like. It just got under my skin.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And wish me luck at my speech contest!


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