It probably shouldn’t be any surprise to hear that I get a whole lot of stupid weight-loss spam, both in my email and on Facebook. I am, after all, a guy who blogs about my efforts to lose weight. As a result, a certain class of scam artistmarketer seems to think that I’m just dying for their product, and Facebook makes it easier for them by recommending their posts to me.


So lets talk about supplements and “one clever tricks” and “foods that melt fat” for a minute. Specifically, let’s call them what they are:  garbage. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. There are no magic pills or hot new “superfoods” that you can consume that will melt fat from you without having to lift a finger. The only thing that will make you lose weight is consuming fewer calories than you burn – you don’t even have to exercise, although exercise will help you burn more calories and also has a number of other health benefits.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that weight loss is easy. And I’m not saying that people who aren’t losing weight are just lazy, undisciplined slackers. Losing eight is hard work, and there’s a whole lot more to it than just “consuming fewer calories than you burn”. There may be physical or mental health issues that contribute to excess weight and that have to be resolved, or emotional triggers and social pressures that have to be confronted, or habits that have to be changed. It took me more than twenty years to finally get started, after all, and even though I really want to lose weight I still struggle on a daily basis to stay on track.

This isn’t about overweight people at all. This is rage at the confidence artists and hucksters and charlatans that prey on overweight people. Rage at the scum that feed on people who hate how they look, who are disgusted by how they feel. Rage at the filth that take advantage of people who struggle and struggle and never feel like they have any success. Rage at the predators who take advantage of people who are so desperate to be healthy, or attractive, or accepted, that they will grasp at anything that gives them hope.

On people like me.

I’d love to be skinny right now. I’d love to look in the mirror, and like what I see instead of just starting to like what I’m becoming. Because I wish so badly that there really was a magic pill that would melt the fat away and leave me with a toned, muscular twenty-five year old body.

But there is no magic pill. No “one simple trick”. No “weight loss secrets that THEY don’t want you to know”.

Anyone who claims differently is selling snake oil.


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