You Really Have To Want It

I’m feeling really good this morning. Not just “pretty good”, or the sort of good that most of us say when someone asks us how we’re doing. Really good. Motivated, even. And you’d think I wouldn’t be – I overslept this morning, and barely made it to work on time.

Incidentally, that’s a significant risk when you get up at 3:15 am. It’s easy to accidentally turn off your alarm instead of hitting snooze, and then wake up much later than you intended.

But I digress. I feel good! And it’s really just a change of attitude, partly thanks to my mastermind group. See, we restarted Think And Grow Rich again yesterday, and it opened right up with a message I really needed to hear. The message was that the first key to success is the absolute desire to succeed. A desire bordering on obsession, where you will not allow yourself to take no for an answer, and you will not give up or back down until you achieve your goal.

See, I’ve been in a bit of a funk the past week or so. Not depressed or anything, just… blah, I guess. Not being able to go walking has left me in a bit of a quagmire, where I haven’t felt like I’m really trying to meet my goals. And it’s made it easier to consider cheating on my calorie budget as well, because the most obvious daily symbol of my efforts is missing. But my meeting last night reminded me of something: I’m doing this because I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy. I’ve been at this for over seven months now, and I haven’t given up because I won’t take no for an answer. Not this time.

I mean, yes. I’ve mentioned my fears before. And they did get me started on trying to lose weight. But that hasn’t kept me going. What’s kept me going is a positive desire – the desire to make a change in my life, to be healthy, to be a good husband and father. Hell, even the desire to wear pants with a longer inseam than waist. All of these are things I want. Good, strong, positive goals that I can achieve.

So, yeah. I feel good. Even the fact that it’ll be another week before I start walking isn’t bothering me anymore. That’s a short-term problem, and it’ll go away soon. I will do this.


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