Toemptations Abound

I should probably stop the terrible puns, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, I saw the doctor (well, the Certified Nurse Practitioner) about my foot and the prognosis is pretty much what I anticipated. Nothing’s broken, I just bruised it really badly. And I’m going to lose the toenail, which sounds horrible. Also, I’ve got an antibiotic – there was some redness around the base of the nail that looked like it was probably the beginnings of an infection. So it was probably a good thing that I went.

Medical advice about exercise was pretty much what I expected as well. Don’t do anything that would put a lot of pressure on the toes until it starts to heal. Normal walking to get around is fine, but no walking for exercise (or running) until then. I can swim or bicycle, though – two things that are really hard to manage in february with no gym membership. Still, I think our condo complex has a stationary bike in the workout room. I’ll have to check that out.

Naturally, the day after I get that medical advice is when my toe starts feeling better. I noticed that I wasn’t limping at all when I walked in to the office today, although I was still noticing a little twinge with each step. But my foot felt good enough that I was tempted – strongly tempted – to try and start walking again. Which is a terrible idea, really. I don’t need to make things worse by ignoring the medical advice. But I’m frustrated. I haven’t been walking for exercise in three days now, and I feel like I’m going stir crazy.

I really can’t wait until I’m recovered. But, I guess I have to.


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