Really, Seriously, Lay Off The Soda!

I ended up taking the day off work yesterday to go spend time with my mother – it turns out that her condition in the aftermath of her heart attack isn’t quite as good as we’d first thought, and so I went to go talk to her about a few things. That isn’t the point of this post, though. That’s just the set up for the point. See, this involved quite a bit of driving – she’s about an hour away from me, one way. Not a terrible distance, but a noticible one.

As a result, I was in the car a lot yesterday. I didn’t hit my walking goals as a result (which I anticipated), and I also didn’t hit my calorie goal. I pretty much expected that as well, since my meals were pretty much fast food yesterday. But the actual reason for missing it surprised me.

I missed because of sodas.

See, it turns out that I’m actually not too bad at avoiding the highest-calorie menu offerings at a fast food restaurant. You can quibble about how healthy the meals are (pro tip: they aren’t), but at least I know how to avoid overeating. Sadly, there’s a reflex involved in ordering a meal in a drive through: “And let me have a medium coke with that.” As a result, I consumed a little over 800 calories in sugared sodas. Which means that, since I only went 142 calories over budget yesteday, I could have easily come in under budget if I’d had water instead.

Strong lesson, that. Avoid sodas. Really. They’re pretty much liquid candy, and they will max out your calorie budget in a hurry.


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