Wait, What?

True story, here: I get on the scale on Saturday morning, and I see 329.4 pounds. I sigh, and enter it in my phone, and grimly resolve to to a better job with my goals in the coming week. It wasn’t a huge gain – 0.4 pounds – but I wasn’t particularly happy to see it. Then, Sunday, I decided to get on the scale on a whim. And it reads 326.2 pounds.

Yeah. That’s 3.2 pounds of weight loss overnight. Which makes no sense to me, although I even checked this morning and it seemed to have held up. I have no idea how that works, but I’ll take it. Particularly since this means that, optimistically, I could hit my halfway point by Valentines Day.

I’m feeling nicely optimistic about the week ahead. I’ve started a practice of making my lunch the night before so as to have less opportunities to fail to take lunch (like, say, waking up late). It’s something I actually started doing last week, and it seems to work. I wasn’t perfect (I still forgot it on Friday), but it made my early, early mornings go a little smoother. Added to that, I’ve also tried to prep some of my breakfast in advance. As a result, I had a lovely little 600 calorie breakfast that took me all of about 8 minutes to make.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good.

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