What A Long, Strange Weekend It Was

I spent most of the weekend at the hospital, for reasons discussed in the last post. The good news is that my mom was discharged on Saturday. She’s not doing “fine”, precisely – she had a heart attack, after all. But for someone that had a heart attack, she’s doing fine.

It’s a strange feeling, being an adult and sitting with your mother in the hospital. I remember still remember when I’d get sick as a child, and just her presence would make me feel better. I’d curl up in bed, and she’d bring me water and juice and medicine, and sing to me or tell me stories, and everything seemed right in the world. But now it’s her in bed, and me sitting with her and telling her stories and trying to make her feel like everything will be all right.

Man. I’m 44, and I’m still not ready to be a grown-up. Not like this.

I ended up eating out a lot this weekend, because of all the time at the hospital. And I didn’t eat so well, and I didn’t really do a good job sticking with my calorie budget. Despite this, I managed to lose some weight. I’m down a total of 90.2 pounds right now, and I still can’t quite grasp that. Ninety pounds. My halfway point is close! Even if it does feel a million miles away, because I’m impatient.


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