Maybe It Is A Winter Wonderland After All

Sometimes, you just have to look at things with new eyes.

I picked up my son from preschool yesterday, and he insisted that we take a circuitous route back to our car because he wanted to walk in the snow. well, to be honest, he wanted to climb down the steep slope behind the preschool and go check out the half-frozen stormwater runoff ditch at the bottom, but I put my foot down a little. Neither of us was dressed for that adventure, and I didn’t especially relish trying to drag us both back up the slope afterwards. But we walked the periphery of the school parking lot, then we got in the car and drove the quarter mile back to my condo.

As soon as we parked, he asked if we could go walk in the snow. I hemmed and hawed – I really didn’t want to, because it was cold. But I’m a sucker for my five year old when he pleads, and there was no really good reason to not go walking except for the cold, so I gave in. He was out of the car and halfway down the sidewalk before I managed to get my seatbelt off.

So we walked. Or, at least, I walked. He climbed a small hill and explored along a fence, and he found sticks that he declared lightsabers, and he had an adventure. And somewhere along that walk, I stopped feeling cold. I got caught up in his enthusiasm, and I remembered (vaguely) how magical snow and winter were when I was five. And that’s when I started throwing snowballs (badly-packed snowballs, because the snow is powdery), and swordfighting him with twigs, and generally having a great time. All because I got reminded to look at something differently.

Not that we weren’t cold, and that we didn’t bundle up in blankets on the couch when we finally went inside. But that’s part of the fun of winter.

Sometimes, that’s what you need in order to stick with a goal that’s feeling stale. New eyes. A new perspective on the goal. Something that reminds you of why you were excited to start the goal, and that helps you find new reasons to continue. Or reminds you of the old reasons, and why they were so important. Goals are serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with them.


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