Not So Much A Winter Wonderland, Really

I am just not managing to meet my walking goal consistently. I blame the weather – and no, this is not like my earlier laments about it being damp and chilly and not wanting to go outside in damp and chilly weather. No. See, In my neck of the woods nature seems to have just recently looked at the calendar and realized “hey, it’s winter!” So it isn’t chilly. It is nine degrees Fahrenheit (that’s nearly -13 Celsius, if you use that instead) as I type this. There’s snow as well, but that doesn’t bother me.

Nine degrees. And that’s before the wind chill.

This is not good outdoors walking weather, even if you ignore the ice risk. And I really can’t – normally, I’m extremely sure footed. I’ve lost my footing on ice, but it’s been something like twenty years since I last fell on it. But Monday, I went down. A sheet of ice from melting, refrozen snow. On a hill. I’m just glad the ice didn’t take me downslope.

But I digress. I digress, and I’m rambling.

Clearly, there needs to be a solution to this. Fortunately, there is one. It’s called a treadmill. They’re boring, but they’ll let me get the distance in. I guess it’s time to stop whining and start walking again.

But it’s still miserably cold out.


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