Once Again, I Find I Don’t Understand Weight Loss

I weighed in on January 1, because I was curious about what my start of year weight would be.  That came in at 339.2 lbs, which wasn’t too bad.  It was a slight gain, but I could live with it because I’d managed to maintain my weight through the December calorie gauntlet.  Then, I weighed in on January 2 because Saturday is my weigh-in day.  And I came in at 335.4 pounds.

what is thisI’ve used that image before, but it still applies.  I don’t even profess to understand what happened here.  I just know that, according to my scales, I lost 3.8 pounds overnight.  Literally overnight.

So… yeah.  I’ll take it, but I can’t explain it in the slightest.

Sadly, despite all of my best intentions, I won’t be making my exercise goal today.  Probably not, anyway.  I was up all night with a sick five year old.  He seems to be doing fine, now.  Mostly fine, anyway.  But now daddy needs rest.  So, I’ll get on task tomorrow.


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