Life Conspires Against Me…

We’re coming into the home stretch here. Just one week to go until Christmas, now. Blink, and it’ll already be the New Year. This’ll be bad on many levels, because I love the holiday season. The lights, the music, giving (and receiving) presents, and the food.

Ah, yes. The food. The food is why it will also be a [i]good[/i] thing when the holiday season is over. Because the coming week is conspiring against me and my dietary goals.

Last night was the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which, as an aside, was a fantastic movie). I met a friend for dinner before the movie, and had soda and Reese’s peanut butter cups at the movie, and generally didn’t so much “exceed my calorie budget” as “sprint past my calorie budget and keep going”. I think it was the first time I’ve eaten more calories than my FitBit calculated I’ve burned since I got my FitBit. So, yeah. A little failure there.

Today at work, we’re having a food day. A breakfast-themed food day. And I love sausage and eggs. But then, after work, my church is having a Holiday Party. With a potluck dinner, and plenty of seasonal candy and snacks. So, y’know. No temptation, there.

Tomorrow, I’m going to my in-law’s house to celebrate Christmas with my wife’s family. Which means the whole Christmas spread, and pie, and homemade candy.

Sunday, I’m actually managing not to have a party to attend. I may just eat salad, Sunday.

Monday, I promised I’d bake a Yule cake and bring it into work. A Yule cake, if you aren’t familiar with one, is just a cake baked in the shape of a log and then frosted with chocolate (to be “bark”). If you all remember from earlier in the month, chocolate cake is my kryptonite. Well, actually, that’s not true. Cake is my kryptonite.

Sometime next week is also another food day, with catered barbecue. Again. And I also love me some barbecue.

And then, of course, Christmas. Baked ham and mashed potatoes and gravy and corn and my family fruit salad and all that good stuff.

So, yeah. It’s gonna be a challenge. But, despite my Force Awakens calorie binge last night, I believe I’m up to the task. All I have to do is make rational choices, after all. Eat a reasonable amount, and not gorge myself. And then keep up with my exercise regimine as well. Simple, right?

Heh. “All” I have to do….

Well, time to pack up that muppet and get to work. And that work, for the most part, consists of deciding in advance what I’m going to eat. After all, I know what the calorie content of most of these things are by now. I can do this. And so can you.


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