Cake and Mild Frustration

So, let’s start with the cake. My wife made me a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, all from a recipe kindly provided by Duncan Hines. According to the label information on the box and the can, the total calorie content – had I been foolish enough to eat the whole thing – was 4,312 calories. I ate a wedge that was approximately 1/8 of the cake, so that was 539 calories. A hefty chunk of my daily budget, but nothing deal-breaking since I’d budgeted for it.

And now, the mild frustration. I weighed in at 340.2 pounds today. I can’t say I’m surprised – I wasn’t terribly good at meeting my calorie or exercise goals last week – but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. I am, after all, trying to lose weight. Not gain it. So, I’m mildly frustrated. Well, more like annoyed. Frustration seems more like an emotion you get when you’ve been yo-yoing around for several weeks with no progress. This is one week of nearly no weight change. I think I’ll survive.

I also think I’ll be getting back to work. Time to get back on my calorie budget, and to make sure I get all of my exercise goals in. After all, the best way to deal with annoyance caused by not doing something is to do that thing.

5 thoughts on “Cake and Mild Frustration

  1. It IS possible to have cake that clocks in at 250-300 cals a slice – but you have to make it yourself. I use some stevia to cut down on sugar and low-fat this and that. Alos, using coconut oil you can get by with less than the usual amount of fat. If she’s interested, she can enter “cake” in my search engine box and get a few ideas. I like most of the results. One person told me my dessert was the best she had ever tasted and she was quite round – so it must be true :).


      1. There’s a caveat, though… they do taste different than traditional delicious desserts. But I’ve grown to love them – now I even prefer them! Keep trying till you get it the way you like it 🙂


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