Little Signs of Progress

As you may have noticed, I lost a total of 75 pounds as of yesterday. You might have noticed. I think I may have mentioned something about that… But seriously. I’m noticing a few odd and unexpected things about losing weight. Some of them, like my waist getting smaller, I figured would happen, but the others? Well, check these out:

  • I’m going to need to get my wedding ring resized, soon. I used to have to work hard to get it off (when I took it off, which is a rare thing). It was painful, and there was a ring-shaped dent in my finger where it sat. A “ring scar”, I used to call it. And now it slides right off, with just the barest hesitation. Once it gets off the first knuckle, it falls right off. And that “ring scar” is mostly gone, although my finger does still curve inwards a little where the ring sits.
  • My FitBit fits better. When I started wearing it, I had to buckle it on the very last notch in the band. Now it’s on the fourth notch from the end – and I can do five, but I don’t like it that snug.
  • My second belt is on its last legs. This is the belt I bought two, maybe three months back. When I got it, I was buckling it on the third hole from the end of the belt. Well, on Friday, I bored a new hole into it. And once I remember to get it out of the car, I’m going to start wearing my third belt.
  • My work pants are starting to look like clown pants. I’ve already had to surrender my old jeans, because the only reason they didn’t fall off was my belt. My work slacks are in the same boat, now.
  • I’m walking better. No, this doesn’t mean I can walk farther (although I can do that, too). This is… well, a little hard to describe. Back when I started, I had this stride where my foot barely came off the floor, slid forward, and went back down. Now I pick the foot up and set it back down. And I’m not certain if that makes any sense, really. But, compared to the way I walked at 419 pounds, I feel like I’m strutting.
  • I’ve got biceps! Little baby biceps, for certain, but biceps nonetheless! Sadly my arms still largely resemble cooked pasta. But my wife likes them.
  • And speaking of my wife, I’ve noticed something else that she appreciates: more stamina. For helping out more around the house, that is. Get your mind out of the gutter! This is a family-friendly blog, after all! It lets me work longer and harder and stop sniggering! We’re talking housework here!

So, yeah. Utterly self-indulgent, this post. Because I felt like crowing, just a little. But it had a point. And that point is that you need to celebrate the little successes. Revel in the progress you’ve made, not just focus on all the distance you still have to go. Because that makes keeping up the daily effort of reaching your goals feel possible.

Checking in, yesterday was something of a mixed bag. I burned 4,118 calories and ate 2,311 calories, so I met that goal right on the nose. I only walked about 4.56 miles, though. There was laundry to get done, and it was bath night for my son, and then I just couldn’t bring myself to go walk another 0.74 miles in a dark and drizzling night. My fault, really. But I did still get all six of my exercise cards done (even though half of them were pushup variants, which really, *really* tested those baby biceps of mine…).


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