Thanksgiving Day Recipe Updates

In a few cases, the platonic ideal of the recipes I described didn’t quite match up with the reality of what got made.  Here’s a quick rundown:

Fruit Salad
I ended up using two apples and two bananas in the salad, which took the calorie count of the bowl down to 1,929 – a figure that was also helped by the realization that I’ve always used a half pint of heavy cream, not a full pint as I originally wrote.  Looking at the results, I think that a full pint would have made a creamy fruit soup.  The total also worked out to 56 ounces of salad, so that’s 34.5 calories per ounce.  No idea how many ounces I’ll be eating as one serving, though.

Depending on how you look at things, I either made just enough or not enough at all.  I made one batch of the recipe I described, using the option of one stick of butter and one cup of broth (well, water and a bullion cube).  There were a total of seven people at the meal, and there was about a third of a cup of stuffing left.  Just enough for a sandwich.

Oh, yeah.  I never did describe what I do with leftovers.  Turkey sandwiches – about four to five ounces of turkey, plus stuffing and mayonnaise (none of this “salad dressing” nonsense, thank you), on bread.  Just about 550 calories of goodness.

Man, that was a lot of gravy.  I got four cups of drippings out of the turkey, and elected not to add additional broth.  Because four cups is a lot of gravy, it turns out.

On to checking in!  Wednesday, I crashed.  I only managed 4.45 miles, and fell asleep on my goal of pushing through the last 0.85 miles I needed.  Calories weren’t so great, either – I burned 4,284 (yay!) but ate 2,976 (boo!).  It still puts me ahead of the game in terms of total calories, but I could have done better.  What happened?  Oh, pretty much I just decided I didn’t want to bother with making my own breakfast or lunch.  For no good reason at all.  And it is difficult to eat a healthy meal when you eat drive-through.

Thanksgiving went surprisingly well.  I only managed 3.75 miles, but that’s still more than I actually anticipated managing.  I burned 4,114 calories, and surprisingly only ate 2,159 calories.  Even though I was stuffed.  (It probably helps that I ate breakfast, and then Thanksgiving dinner, and then dessert.  Three meals would have put me over the top.)

Anyway, back on task today!  I got to slack a little yesterday, but it’s back on!


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