Competition is Good for the Soul, Bad for the Ego

My wife decided to hit the ground running yesterday.  Well, technically, she hit the ground walking.  But she ran right over me.

Yesterday, she decides to challenge me to the “Goal Day” competition with FitBit. And I accept, feeling smug about the fact that I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’m in better shape than I’ve been in nearly a decade. I was even planning to gloat a little. Not a whole lot, you understand. Just a little.  Maybe do a victory dance.  You know, keep it classy.

So, naturally, she whupped me. She managed 12,759 steps to my 11,348. And to make it worse, she wasn’t even a *little* sore from walking a full mile more than I did! She deserves the praise and credit because she did a great job.  But… well, I wanted to win! I hate losing!

What can I say, here? Oh, I know: I love you, dear, and thank you for pushing me to work harder!

It also occurs to me that I forgot to check in yesterday. So, here’s how things went. On Wednesday I walked 5.68 miles, burned 4,493 calories, and ate 2,207 calories. Yesterday I walked 5.72 miles, burned 4,485 calories, and ate 1,831 calories… wait… damnit, FitBit! That was a two cup serving. Stop resetting! So, with the adjustment to the portion size put in yet again, it was actually 2,251 calories consumed.

And we’re doing another Goal Day competition today. Time to win.


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