Gear Review: Small Child

My son decided he was going to exercise with me yesterday. He wasn’t supremely helpful, but he was funny.

Here’s how it happened. I’ve been involving him in my bodyweight workouts for a while, since I do them right after I’ve picked him up from daycare on the days I don’t have a huge load of overtime. Some days he’s uninterested, but most of the time he’s really excited about holding the exercise cards I’ve drawn and then handing them to me. It’s time we can spend together, and it gets him exposed to the importance of exercising without me preaching about it.

Last night, though? He got really excited. While I’m laying on the floor doing a series of crunches (because I drew five different abdominal exercises out of six cards), he starts running in circles around me. And jumping over me. He’s laughing the whole time, and I’m really sort of concerned that he’ll trip and hurt himself or – more likely, from the way he’s going – me. So my wife intervenes, and he hits the floor next to me and starts trying to do the same exercises I’m doing.

Ladies and gentlemen, nothing puts your physical condition in perspective like watching a five year old bang out thirty or forty crunches in the time it takes you to do fifteen. Even if he did skip from twenty-nine to ninety while he was counting. But you know what? It reminded me of how much I love being a dad, and of why I keep doing this to myself. Sure, fear of going blind got me started. But my family is why I haven’t stopped.


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