Eye-burning Fatigue

So, I didn’t make my walking goal last night. I’d fully intended* to, but I fell asleep.

I’m not certain what happened. Other than the obvious “you fell asleep because you were tired, duh” aspect of it. I think it’s related to the fact that it was pitch black outside by about 6 pm. Combine that with getting up at 3:30 am, and it’s easy to think that it is a lot later than it actually was. By the time we were getting my son ready for bed, I was stretched out on the couch trying to fall asleep. By the time he actually was in bed, I was forcing myself to stay awake long enough to flip the laundry. I think I actually fell asleep before nine.

If you know me, that’s early. By preference, I would stay up past midnight and then sleep to nine or ten in the morning.

So, anyway, needless to say I didn’t make my walking goal. I did manage 4.07 miles for the day, thanks to walking at work. But, I didn’t make goal. All because of falling asleep. And yes, I know that if I fell asleep like that I probably needed it. But still. Goals.

As far as the other goals are concerned, I did well. I ate 1,863 calories, which wasn’t too bad when you consider that part of that was two jelly doughnuts. We’re busy at work, and management bought the department doughnuts, and it just wouldn’t have been right to refuse their generosity. No, really. I only ate those doughnuts out of duty! Really! (And I have a bridge I want to sell you as well…) More importantly, I burned 4,075 calories – so that’s still an net loss, despite not having hit goal. Not too bad, I guess.

Still. Today, I’m going walking!

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