MIscellaneous Monday Musings

346.8 pounds. Wow.

For various and sundry reasons, I changed my official weigh-in day to Monday. I won’t bore you with the reasons. But… wow. I’m just about eight pounds from my next milestone (339), and it still isn’t feeling real. Don’t get me wrong: I’m excited! It’s just… wow.

Today should be interesting for another reason. I’m off to see my doctor after work, as a three-month follow-up on my “maybe diabetes” diagnosis. My last appointment was August 12, and I weighed right around 385 pounds at that time. Which means that I’ve lost 38 lbs since then. I’m expecting to catch my doctor off guard in a highly pleased sort of way. I’m also hoping I can stop checking my blood sugar – I’m getting really tired of my twice-daily ceremonial bloodletting – but that may very well be a pipe dream.

I had to retire two pairs of jeans today. They’re the jeans I was wearing when I got started with all of this, and for a while they were just loose. Now they’re comically loose, held up only by my belt and fitting like clown pants. Kind of a nice feeling, that.

Looking at the weekend, here’s how things turned out. Friday I hit my walking goal by covering a total of 5.35 miles. That same day, I ate 2,130 calories and burned 4,539 calories. Saturday I covered 3.03 miles (and weekends have no specific walking goal), ate 2,128 calories, and burned 3,865. Sunday I covered a total of 4.02 miles. How I managed that, I don’t know. I felt like I spent most of Sunday sitting. I burned 4,145 calories, and I have no idea how many calories I ate. We had a potluck lunch at church, and while I didn’t go crazy with the food I also have no idea how to even *begin* estimating the calorie content of some of that food.

Anyway, wish me luck at the doctor!

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