Working for a Living

This sounds like an excuse, but having a job got in the way of exercising yesterday.

Normally, my job doesn’t get in the way. But, normally, I have a pretty set schedule. Take a break at this time, take lunch at this time, take another break at this time. It lets me plan my exercising easily. But yesterday, I was doing that floorwalking thing. And more specifically, for reasons that I won’t go into here, I wasn’t floorwalking after lunch. I was back on the phones, answering questions that representatives had and talking to a lone frustrated client. Nothing about it kept me from exercising, but it threw me off my stride enough that I didn’t get out and do what I should.

Man, it’s only been two days and already I’m tired of this particular thing. It’s repetitive, and it’s easily controlled. Moe importantly, it’s something I *have* to control. If I don’t, then I’ll start backsliding. And I don’t want that, not after all the work I’ve put in to getting to where I am. So, today, back on the walking schedule.

To give myself a little credit, though, I did still do my workout cards.  Despite not wanting to, because I was tired (which is a lame excuse).  Two different types of pushups, which I did against a wall because I do weigh 350 pounds and because I figure that some exercise is better than getting in a pushup position and collapsing.  Squats.  Two different types of crunches.  I’m now thinking that one of my next goals will simply be “get to the point where the crunches don’t hurt”, because my gelatinous abs ached for twenty minutes after that.

How did I do yesterday, though? Let’s see… walked 3.86 miles, consumed 2,093 calories, and burned 4,014 calories. Although, in fairness, that calorie consumption figure is much more of an estimate than normal. My FitBit app went a little berserk for me yesterday, and tried to double and triple count a few items. I think I got it fixed, but the calorie consumption could actually have been as high as 2,540 calores. Which still isn’t bad, but isn’t meeting goal.


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