Epic Failure

All right, the title for this post might be exaggerated just a little. But, yesterday really wasn’t a very successful day for me. I ate 3,510 calories, burned 3,724 calories, and walked only 3.1 miles. So, yeah. When the only redeeming feature of the day – from an exercise and weight loss perspective, anyway – is that you managed to burn more calories than you ate (thank you, BMR!), it isn’t a successful day at all.

What happened?

Poor planning, really. I ended up eating out for all three meals, with dinner being a bacon cheeseburger at Red Robin – that was 917 calories for the burger, and another 371 for the french fries. Pro tip: nothing wrong with eating a massive burger when you’re watching your calories. But budget for it.  Incidentally, notice that phrasing.  I “ended up” eating out.  Not “I planned for”, but “I ended up”.  That’s a bad thing.  Much like eating a massive burger, there’s nothing wrong with eating out.  But it should be something you choose.  It shouldn’t be something you just end up doing.

On top of the lack of planning, my day turned out to be much more sedentary than I’d planned for. Remember that floorwalking thing I talked about yesterday? Yeah, well, it turned out that the plan for yesterday was to sit with different reps and answer questions. Not exactly an active day, really. And I didn’t quite catch on to the fact that the plan had changed until 1 PM, so I lost several opportunities to walk. I mean, I could have maybe recovered. But I didn’t.

Not a whole lot to add to this, not really. I think that the important lesson here is “always have a plan”. Which may be a lesson I’ve learned before, really. But I’ll probably need to keep learning it until I actually learn it.

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