Man, That Was A Lot Of Walking

I received an important lesson in humility yesterday. See, I’ve been making a lot of progress recently. And I think I’m justifiably proud of how far I’ve come in a comparatively short time. But I’ve also started thinking I’m in better shape than I really am, and it’s been letting me think I can cut a few corners.

Yesterday demonstrated just how wrong I was.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I’m working twelve-hour days last week and this week. If I haven’t, I just have. The whole reason for these long days is the money. And the fact that my department has brought on twenty newly hired employees, many of whom have no experience at all in the industry. So I’ve been working with the training class, and the thing I’m specifically doing this week is what we call “floorwalking”. If you’ve never heard this phrase, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You walk around, checking on the new representatives and answering questions as they come up. This floorwalking got me standing for nearly five hours straight.

Let me tell you, that is a lot of standing. And walking. And despite having a goal of 5.3 miles per day, I generally get that done in half mile bursts, with maybe a mile at the end of the day to get the last bit of distance in. I certainly don’t stand up and walk for five hours during my regular day. So, by the end of the day yesterday, my feet and legs were sore.

They feel all right now, so it’s nice to see some progress. And oddly, despite having my nose rubbed in the fact that I’m not in the kind of shape I thought I was, I feel pretty good about it. Because I managed to keep standing and keep moving for those five hours. Four months ago, I’m pretty sure I would never have been able to do it. All in all, I’m not as far along as I wanted to believe, but I’m certainly not as bad off as I was afraid I’d be. Which counts as a win in my book.

All of this also leads naturally into my check-in. Just how far did I actually walk? 5.45 miles, which just goes to show that you can stand and walk for five hours and still not get much more distance in than if you just walked in bursts. I consumed 2,440, and burned 4,610 calories.


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